Playing Online Roulette

There are plenty of games featured by online casinos and one of the most popular ones is roulette. Roulette is an interesting table game offers good payout. You don't need years of practice to play online roulette. You can learn everything about the game in minutes and start playing. This extensive guide will explain in-depth all how online roulette is played, the rules, the popular variations and the strategies that you can apply to help you win easily. Visit for top online roulette casinos.

The Rules of Online Roulette

The basic rule and gameplay of roulette are simple. The primary goal of any player playing roulette is simply to guess the numbered pocket on the wheel where the ball will finally rest after being spun. There are three parts to roulette. There is a betting table where players will place the bets of their choice. Besides that, there is also a small roulette ball and the roulette wheel. The type of bets allowed in roulette is divided into two main categories - inside bets and outside bets.

At the beginning of every roulette game round, the players need to place their preferred bet on the betting table using the chips provided on the screen of the game. The chips represent their actual money and it comes in different values as well. Once all the bets are placed, the dealer (or computer in the case of online roulette) will spin the wheel and put the ball in. The pocket on the reel where the ball stops is the winning pocket.


Inside and Outside Bets

Inside bets in roulette are defined as any type of bet placed directly on a particular number or on a group of numbers that are in the same row or column. The betting table in roulette has two parts. You will see a longer section with numbers 0 to 36. This is the part where you will place the inside bets of your choice. There is also a wider part which doesn't contain numbers, this part is for outside bets. The following are the common side bets in roulette.

  • Split bet
  • Straight bet
  • Corner bet

As for the outside bets, you are not wagering on a specific number. What you are doing is wagering on the characteristics of the numbers. The roulette wheel is constructed in such a way that there are red and black colours throughout the pocket. This makes it possible for you to place outside bets such as colour bets (red/black bets). Other common types of outside bets permitted in online roulette include dozen bets and even/odd bets. In the next section, we'll explain how you can learn roulette for free.

Learn Online Roulette for Free

There are several casinos online that feature different variations of online roulette in fun mode. Fun mode means that you will not be required to bet money on the game and you can access all the features that come with it. Playing roulette in fun or free mode will allow you to practice as much as you need to. You can also use it to rest various strategies such as the Martingale and D'Alembert strategy to see if they work for you.