The Ultimate Keno Guide

There are several types of casino games you can play. One of these games is keno. Keno is a game that is not so different from lotteries and bingos. The game is easy and straightforward to play, and there is no skill needed. In this article, we'll explain how to gets started playing keno. You can visit for top keno casinos.

The Keno Ticket

Paying Keno is done using a ticket. The ticket also in some cases referred to as scorecard consist of several numbers usually from 1 to 80. However, you may also find some keno versions that have up to 120 numbers. The aim of the game is to predict the numbers that will be selected as the winning numbers when the raffle is held.

You will mark these numbers you've predicted on the scorecard before the raffle starts. Note that once the raffle starts, you cannot modify the numbers you've marked on the ticket. Depending on the game version, you may be allowed to select 10 or 20 numbers on the ticket. Check the game information to know how many numbers you can select.

The Raffle Draw

If you are playing the game at a land-based casino, you will see a human dealer who will shuffle balls in a pot and select at random. In the online version of keno, the shuffling and selection of numbered balls is done automatically. Some variations of the game may select 10 or 20 numbers at random from the pot as the winning numbers.

If you are lucky and the numbers selected in the raffle is the same as the numbers which you've initially marked on your ticket, then you've won. Winning in keno is determined by how many winning numbers you are able to mark on the ticket. The more numbers you guessed correctly, the more the winnings you can expect in the game.

Play Free Online Keno

Now that we've explained in detail how to play online keno, you can go ahead to try it out yourself. But we advise that you play the free version of the game for a start. By playing in free mode, you can practise how the game works and also get familiar with all the features included in it. You can also develop a playing style for the game.

You should not that no real money can be won when you play keno for free. You are only using it as a way to test the game and understand the rules better. You can check out some of our recommended top keno online casinos to play the game for free or real money. These casinos also players offer awesome bonuses.


Summary and Conclusion

In summary, keno is a good casino game that you can play without any skill. The game involves predicting numbers and marking them on the ticket before the raffle round starts. You can play keno for free to get familiar with the rules of the game. Remember that payout in keno is based on how many numbers are able to predict right.